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Play Irish Lottery Online!

In 1998, there was a wonderful movie surrounding the Irish Lottery called "Waking Ned".

It told the story of a small village in Ireland with something like 21 inhabitants and the national announcement of one of its residence being the holder of the winning Irish Lottery ticket.

Well you can imagine the interest this stirred up in such a small community, however there was , nobody who would step forward, and the lottery official was winging his way to the Emerald Isle to present the lucky winner with his check.

One of the residents had the brainwave to invite everyone in the village to a party at their house, so they could find the lucky winner and no doubt potentially share in their good fortune. Alas, there was no winner amongst them, however a couple of the lads realized there was one person missing. An old boy called Ned Devine.

They shot off to Ned's as fast as they could. Panicked by Ned not opening the door on their arrival, they forced their entry into the house. Low & behold, there was Ned in his favourite chair in front of the T.V. eyes wide open clutching the winning ticket. It was more than the poor old boy's heart could take. He had popped off right there in his chair and with nobody to claim the money, rather than forfeit it the two friends set about to ensure Ned had not died in vein. Well it would have been pointless burying the winning ticket with him, would you not agree?

I won't spoil the rest of the movie for you, but suffice it to say if you love to dream of Irish Lottery riches, you will enjoy how the Irony ends up with a happy ending, which happens to one or more lucky people every month.

Unlike its UK counterpart where the chances are over 14 million to 1 of winning, with the Irish Lottery the chances are almost halved. Since it was launched in March of 1987, The Irish Lottery has been revamped for the internet with a new logo and website, folks can now purchase their tickets right over the internet. If you prefer to play at an online casino, visit cbk for the best selection of establishments to play at. You will also find many no deposit casinos that you can use to your advantage by playing with free casino money prior to spending your own.

There are many online sites that offer scratch tickets, bingo and other types of gambling options that you can enjoy and win real money at. You don't always have to play slots games or blackjack during your visit at an online gambling establishment. UK players can also play at one of my favourite sites designed by Tammy called spincasino.ca. Here you can enjoy free spins and other offers you just can't pass up. No need to go down the street to find a lottery retailer; gambling fun can be just a few clicks away.

The main game today for Irish Lottery players is the Lotto where you have to pick 6 correct numbers in the correct order from 1 to 45. For most weeks this will net the winner over 2 million euros well over 2 1/2 million in US dollars. If no winner is found, the prize is rolled over to the following week and the next following week until an eventual winner is found. The draw takes place twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday and tickets cost 3 euros for two chances. Players must be over 18 to play. In Canada, players must also be 18 or older to gamble or purchase lottery tickets. There are a few online establishments that have recently been approved in Canada such as PlayNow Casino in B.C and PlayOLG in Ontario. At grizzly gambling, the online casino guide for Canadians, you can look up all the legal pages to find out how Canada is getting back into gambling online.

The biggest Irish Lottery Jackpot paid out was won by a sixteen player syndicate who got to share in almost 19 million euros.

You could understand them quitting their quarry jobs, couldn't you, especially since you don't receive the prize in bits and pieces, like in the U.S., you get the full lump sum, tax free! Online casinos are in abundance, especially for players from the United Kingdom. Why not try 32red for uk players as your first choice? You're sure to have a great time!

Oh yes, if you win the Irish Lottery, you truly are an instant millionaire, and guess what? You can prove it! Now wouldn't that be a corker of a story for you to tell.