The history of gambling in Ireland sees how it progressed significantly

Ireland is mostly a rural area and a huge part of its people counts farming and being in the service industry as their primary livelihood. Ireland is also a fairly big country, yet it only has 2 key cities - Cork and Dublin. So the most popular form of gambling is only sports betting that's made possible via a system of local gambling places situated on the central district. As expected, casinos are not popular among areas that have limited access to such establishments. The history of gambling in Ireland has been strongly focused on horse racing for several years, although the Irish are slowly getting interested in football, especially the English Premier League. Also making a comeback is greyhound racing. Tracks were refurbished and updated to make the sport alive once more.

A lot claim that in the history of gambling in Ireland, they were first introduced to such form of entertainment through the lottery. Undoubtedly, lottery and scratch cards have enticed several people to give it a try. Another form of betting that making the rounds in the country right now is online casinos. With online establishments, the need to go to local wagering shops in order to put money on your favorite sports is eliminated. Web-based wagering sites also put a spotlight on casinos. It has caught the attention of more people in a broader scope. Considering the success of online casino operators in Ireland, it can be safe to say that the Irish already has taken a liking to online betting. Online poker and numerous slots machines have quickly founded themselves as a form of leisure that's available to anybody who owns a computer, a smart tablet or mobile phones that can support mobile apps. Because of these establishments, where you live don't count anymore for as long as you have an internet connection, you can have access to any web-based establishment for betting.

Truly, considering the history of gambling in Ireland, the country has come a long way from just being into horserace betting and welcomed more forms of this leisure activity.