Lucky Emperor Online Casino For A True No Strings Attached Bonus

There are a myriad of casinos online as you will well be aware of when it comes to opening an account. With such a vast choice on hand, it can actually make it quite difficult in deciding who you should send your money too, would the Lucky Emperor online casino be a wise choice, or should it be avoided at all costs?

Well firstly, if you are a player from the United States, they are not taking any new US players, sorry to disappoint. That said, if you're from anywhere else, you may find this review, of interest.

The big thing that stands out is the sign up bonus that they offer to new players who open an account with them. It's one thing to offer an eye catching bonus to entice you to open an account, but you would be surprised the players there are who fail to read the small print to later discover all the hoops they have to jump through to claim it This for sure will leave a sour taste in the mouth and in the long run, yes it may get the casino lots of new players, but how happy will you feel and will you want to make further deposits when you were initially deceived with their crafty marketing?

The Lucky Emperor online casino, we feature in this bonus review, stands out for this very particular reason. The bonus for you opening your account, could hardly be considered a King's ransom it's only $10, but it is a true legitimate and honest no strings attached bonus. That my friend I have to tell you is quite refreshing. They give you $10 to open an account, for you to experience their Microgaming delights for yourself, never mind any fancy sales rhetoric to try to convince you that they are the best in the world. Take the ten bucks and see what you think, it doesn't really matter what anyone else has to say.

You will find as well as the Lucky Emperor Casino giving you a crisp ten dollar bill to test drive them, when you make your first deposit with them as most players inevitably do, you will get a further 100% welcome bonus up to $100. Importantly, and this is key, there are several dependable and legitimate deposit and withdrawal methods on hand, so rest assured your money's in safe hands. Go now and get your free cash, and you be the judge.